Anonymous said:

I'm a girl. I've looked at both sexes all my life but I've only had sex with men. I have no interest in a relationship with women but I would definitely have sex with one. Am I bi?


My views on this subject aren’t particularly popular, and are ever changing the older I get, but for the record.

I don’t like labels. Not as definitive answers to sexuality questions at least. They can, however, be helpful guidelines.

The asexual community has a good handle on the many labels that can attempt to define complex sexual and romantic orientations/identities.

If you are sexually attracted to both sexes but not romantically attracted to women, then it’s possible you are “heteroromantic bisexual”. There are tons of other combinations as well, such as biromantic asexual, homoromantic heterosexual, and so on. Even then, those terms can become restricting and confusing as you get older, meet new people, experiment, etc.


Practical opinion? Yeah, you’re probably bi.

Convoluted Philosophical opinion? Only you know. Sex, in my personal opinion, isn’t as straightforward as the terms we use to hang our experiences on. The terms hardly take into consideration experimentation, curiosity, reenactment, boredom, etc, all things that make us human (and prolly led to our path in evolution), nor our fickleness. 

I used to like bananas when I was younger. Can’t stand them now.

Labels also don’t always accurately describe attractions based on masculinity (not exclusive to men) and femininity (not exclusive to women) or transgender people.